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Introduction to Bird Identification in the Northeast

Volume 1 - Backyard Birds of the Northeast

Introduction to the Everglades

Florida Speciality Birds

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Nature Videography (under construction)

Some Ethical Questions

Protecting Your Subjects

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(Note: we are not trying to provide a complete rundown of all equipment matters related to videotape production. We are emphasising issues related to nature videography specifically. Recommendations are based on our experiences and data gathered from the net and printed sources. We would be pleased to hear other opinions and may incorporate them here. We have included prices for the convenience of visitors to this site. Although we live in Canada we have put prices in US dollars for the convenience of visitors who may not be aware of the current value of the Canadian dollar! Prices are approximate only and are the manufacturers' suggested retail price in North America. Street prices may be significantly lower in some places in North America. Prices in other countries may be considerably higher.)

Field Equipment

Cameras and Camcorders

A discussion of videotape formats (particularly Hi8, Betacam SP, MII, DVC, DVCPRO, and DVCAM) with recommendations on suitable equipment (such as Canon's new XL1 camcorder)

Lenses, Telephoto & Macro

Tripods and Other Means of Keeping Things Stable (under construction)

Microphones, Parabolic and Otherwise (under construction)

Specialised Equipment (under construction)


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This site is under construction and will see substantial changes in the next few months!

We feel that data is the most important function of this kind of site. We will keep the site simple and quick to upload for all visitors and leave the heavy graphics to our videotapes! Our graphics will be limited to frames taken from our videotapes to give the visitor who might be interested a feel for what is in the tapes.

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